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Ron's Weekly Wednesday, May 25, 2022

The Season of Patience

There are too many ingredients to use. Sourcing only locally, by some accounts, is considered a constraint. What constraint? The only limitation in this season is that our feasts only last for one night at a time. So, we revisit the menu daily, feeding the energy of Spring the way feeding a sourdough starter produces more starter.

If there is a season that teaches us the virtue of patience, this would be it. And if there were a season that told us, "Adventure is it's own reward", there would be no doubt, we are in it. In keeping the tradition, we head to the foothill, forest and fen for the irreplaceable flavors that can only be found, not forced. Sharp flavored wild greens are the eager ones, first in line for the menu followed by Devils Club Shoots and wild onions, Morel mushrooms (see: patience) and later, Boletus. Salmon will fill creeks and bellies.

On the farm, tender shoots give way to turnips. Herbs, perennial and annual convert sunshine to aromatics. And alliums of all sort! Sweet and pungent and savory and satiating. Soon will be strawberries and we will be ready.


Current Theme: Revelry for Spring
Between the year's first green and the heart of summer, celebrate the return of salmon to our rivers and the field's first produce, represented in every course. Spontaneity is in season; this week's menu is not next week's. Revelry for Spring is for being in the moment.
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