Bruce Achtermann, Sommelier

Meet Bruce Achtermann Sommelier

Herbfarm sommelier Bruce Achtermann has many years experience in the wine trade as well as guest services and education.

The Herbfarm offers an incredible wine list, one of the best we’ve ever seen. Even the most seasoned wine expert will find new information and obscure wines that they have never tried. And for the neophyte, it’s like the map of a wine amusement park— everything looks incredibly fun and inviting.”

— Restaurant Hospitality

Huge Selection. Fair Prices.

  • 190 Champagnes & Sparkling Wines
  • 1001 wines from Washington State
  • 715 different Oregon Pinot Noirs
  • 225 classic red Burgundies
  • 590 North American Cabernet Sauvignons
  • 235 choices of classic Bordeaux
  • 211 “fantastico” wines from Italy
  • 229 world famous wines of the Rhône
  • 743 different white wines from the world
  • 345 dessert wine choices. 1795 Madeira

The Herbfarm Wine Cellar

A wonderland of wine awaits—explore The Herbfarm’s 26,000 bottles & 4,500 selections.

Spring Squab

Rare wines abound in the wine library at The Herbfarm Restaurant

Wow! That sounds daunting.

Well, not really. When you dine at The Herbfarm, our sommeliers pair 5 or 6 wines to match the flavors of the foods on the evening’s 9-course tasting menu. Paired and poured by the glass, you’ll enjoy a seamless array of flavors perfectly tuned to the food. These wines are included with your dinner.

Wow! Let me see that list.

You bet! If you love exploring wine, dig into the list. The choices are broad and deep, with discoveries for wine lovers of all tastes. Try a different wine with the entrée or the cheese. Explore the dessert wines. Or order up a wine from your birthday or anniversary year. In addition to enjoying the wine served at dinner, all 26,000 bottles are also available for retail purchase — ready to take home to enjoy, to cellar, or to give as a gift. We ship wine, too.

But I don't drink.

No problem! We’ll serve you delightful non-alcoholic herbal beverages instead, created everyday in house from our own botanicals.

Bring that “Special Bottle”

While we offer one of the world’s largest selections of wines, we realize that sometimes you just need to uncork that “special bottle” you’ve been holding. We will gladly open any standard-size bottle not on our list for $35/bottle. Limit 2 bottles/party. We ask that you make advance arrangements, if possible, for bringing your own bottle so that we may prepare the appropriate stemware and decant the wine, as necessary.


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