Meet The culinary director

RON ZIMMERMAN brings a wealth of culinary experience to his position of overseeing menu development at The Herbfarm. For the first 5 years, Ron was The Herbfarm's full-time chef. In the subsequent years, he has set the menu themes and is the resident authority on wild, foraged, native, and historic foods of the Pacific Northwest.


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Wine List

When you dine at The Herbfarm, our sommeliers will be pairing 5 or 6 wines to match the range of flavors on the nightly 9-course tasting menu. These wines are poured freely, within common sense limits, throughout the evening and are included with your dinner.

Dine With Us

When you dine at The Herbfarm restaurant you'll revel in seasonally unique menus featuring the foods of the Northwest.


Each 9-course dinner, served with 5 or 6 matched wines (non alcoholic options are also available), draws its inspiration from the rhythms of the season. For much of the year The Herbfarm kitchen gardens and farm supply the restaurant with an ever-changing harvest of common and unusual produce. Small growers and producers provide wild mushrooms, heritage fruits, handmade cheeses, and rare treasures such as water grown wasabi root and artisanal caviars.

Each day's menu is finalized only hours before the meal to best track the symphony of life on the land and sea. Week in and week out. The Herbfarm's 9-course menu brings new delights.

Thematic Dinners

Each week, The Herbfarm Restaurant chooses the best from farm, forest, and sea to create thematic 9-course dinners show casing the culinary glories of the Pacific Northwest. LEARN MORE ABOUT THEMES


Current Theme

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