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Ron's Weekly Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Where there's smoke, there's fire!

There is a childlike nostalgia that comes with the golden glow between summer and fall. Maybe it's the anticipation we all feel for the comfort of a gentler season. Maybe it's the fleeting nature of seasons that we embrace while we settle into shorter days. Or, maybe it's the appearance of the ingredients we planted early in the year with the hope they would convert sunshine to ripeness. Inevitably, the annual reprise of harvest becomes its own holiday.

The annual cadence of mother nature is not in 4/4 time. Like now, it is frenetic with abundance and flavor : tomatoes of every color, cucumbers growing long and cool, a fourth flowering of roses, melons dense with sugar....and yet, it does not seem out of place to add to the nonet: the first winter squashes, early autumn mushrooms, game and the tastes that signal our instinctual lust for the coziness of cooler weather cuisine.

We are currently shifting bottles around in the cellar, remembering stories and people and what was happening when those grapes were picked. We should open them and make rom for new editions to be added to the library. This is also the time when we stock the larder by pickling, drying and fermenting all we can in preparation for winter. We are preserving beans, nasturtium capers and fattening hogs for winter charcuterie. Our Renan wheat is drying and we are blending herbs and flowers from the fields for farmstead tea. We hold onto pieces of this season so that we can revisit them in the next.

And, we are still planting.

Remember the story of The Ant and The Grasshopper? One worked tirelessly in the field, putting by the flavors of the season, while the other laid in the tall grass serenading the waning days. We say, be both.

We invite you to join us again this season for a remarkable and memorable evening. Celebrate a birthday or anniversary or just the pure joy of living. To reserve your table, give us a call at 425-485-5300 between 10 am and 5 PM, or here online 24 hours a day using our new reservation system!

See you soon!


Current Theme: Knife Fork Smoke
Explore the primal flavors of the past as we wrest them from flame, coal and flavoring smokes. Every course features an old-time cooking technique, sleuthing half-forgotten memories. The wood-fired oven intensely roasts and caramelizes. Flickering flames season and lick at the rotisserie and grill as we roast, sear, bake, barbecue, smoke and pit roast this summer's end.
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