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Ron's Weekly Thursday, April 22, 2021

The tide is out. The table is set!

The Salish tribes of the Pacific Northwest had a saying (roughly translated): "When the tide is out, the table is set."

There is no better introduction to our wealth of local foods than in the bounty of these tidelands, our inland sea, and the abutting Pacific waters.

This is the time of year when the Pacific is still cold and clear. Yet there is a warming trend that sends an urgency through the waters, causing spring runs of many fish.

The result is a culinary window of opportunity, the best time here in the Northwest to celebrate the seafood of the Pacific. Chef Chris Weber and his kitchen team have cast their net wide. The result is an evening of water-borne delights that you'll remember for years to come.

So why not join us for this once-a-year event. The glow of candles and romantic guitar awaits to enchant you alongside of our nationally acclaimed culinary creations.

Our nightly Garden Tour begins at 6:30 (indoors around the fire if it's raining). Come at 6:10 (3:40 on Sunday), and we'll also have an Open House in the Wine Cellar where you can check out the 15,000 bottles of wines covering some 4,000 selections! This is also the most extensive collection of Oregon and Washington wines in the world.

I invite you to join us again this season for a remarkable and memorable evening. Celebrate a birthday or anniversary or just the pure joy of living. To reserve your table, give us a call at 425-485-5300 between 10 am and 5 PM, or here on line 24 hours a day (except some Tuesdays)!

See you soon!


Current Theme: Chambers of the Sea
Winter's firming waters and the converging spring warmth serve up the best seafood of the year. Join us for our annual tribute to the bounty of the Sea in the Pacific Northwest.
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