The Founder's Room

Founders Room

The Founder’s Room is the perfect place for celebrating birthdays and anniversaries as well as hosting special business gatherings of six to fourteen people.


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Meet the Founders, Ron & Carrie

Ron Zimmerman

Ron Zimmerman

Ron Zimmerman was born at a fishing resort on the Rogue River in Gold Beach, Oregon. He caught his first salmon when he was five. When he was six, the Zimmerman family moved to Washington. Ron and his brother, Bob, grew up hiking and climbing in the mountains and learning about the wild, native foods of the region. He regularly carried sourdough starter on his backpacking trips and made bread in camp using a folding, aluminum reflector oven.

Ron put himself through college with a summer job as a sheet metal worker. After graduating from the University of Washington with a pre-med background and a degree in English, Ron held a number of jobs including organic gardener, graphic artist, and rock and roll show promoter.

During these years, Ron teamed up with his mountaineering buddy and founded Early Winters, Ltd., the first firm in the world to make and market products created from Gore-Tex Fabrics. As the VP of Marketing at Early Winter's, he traveled to Europe and Asia, developing a greater love of food and wine. The Direct Marketing Association also named him the "Best Catalog Copywriter in America" for his work with the Early Winters' catalog.

In 1986, Ron joined his parents' Fall City Herb Farm outside of Seattle, Washington, and renamed it The Herbfarm. Ron and Carrie Van Dyck started The Herbfarm restaurant that same spring and were married that autumn. Ron was the chef for the first 5 years. He was in charge of The Herbfarm's extensive beverage program for over 30 years. In 2007 he received the Walter Clore Honorarium, Washington State's highest award for the promotion and advancement of the regions wines.  

Ron Zimmerman is the author of numerous articles on direct marketing and Seasonal Favorites from the Herbfarm, Sasquatch Press. He is a past board member and vice-president of the International Herb Association. He is a co-founder of the Seattle Direct Marketing Association and was the publisher of Bonefire Press in Seattle.

Carrie Van Dyck

Carrie Van Dyck

Carrie Van Dyck was born in New York City and lived in Bridgeport, Connecticut until she was five. Her mother, Eva, had spent part of World War II in a French internment camp near the Spanish border before escaping and emigrating to America. Her father, Herbert, an optician by training, was stationed during the war in England with the Royal Air Force.

While she was still small, Carrie's family moved to Mamaroneck on the north shore of Long Island Sound in New York. As an excellent swimmer, Carrie spent her summers as a life-guard. In High School, she lettered in track, basketball, and swimming.

Carrie attended Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts, where she captained the women's swim team and worked in the theater. Carrie graduated with a degree in psychology and technical theater. After college, she worked behind the scenes in theaters on the east coast, both in Connecticut as well as on Broadway.

While visiting Seattle to check out the Northwest theater scene, Carrie heard a radio ad. Early Winters, a young outdoor recreational company, was looking for models to travel throughout the West to shoot pictures for the company's catalog. "What an exciting opportunity for an East Coast gal to explore the West and get paid!" she thought.

One of the first to apply, Carrie was chosen. Besides being a great model, her organizational skills soon became apparent and she was later hired to be the full-time Photo Trip Coordinator for the company. In this capacity, she oversaw the creation of the photos for nearly 100 catalogs.

Early Winters also had a pair of llamas trained to carry packs in the mountains. Carrie became the llama trainer. The llamas lived on a farm in Fall City, home to Bill and Lola Zimmerman, who had started an herb farm there. This was her first introduction to what was to become The Herbfarm.

In 1986, she and Ron Zimmerman started The Herbfarm restaurant in the little garage on the farm. Carrie picked the salads early each morning while Ron acted as chef. Carrie is still the hostess at The Herbfarm by night. By day she oversees reservations and the restaurant's staff. Her natural organizational skills help her manage the farm, animals, garden, plants, retail, and mail order, too.

Carrie still swims several times a week. She feels a natural affinity to otters and dolphins.