9-Course Harvest-Theme Dinner at The Herbfarm
Pear and Quince evoke the sense of the harvest table.
Celebrate the harvest with cultivated and wild-gathered foods exclusively from the Pacific Northwest. At The Herbfarm, Woodinville, Washington


OUR MENU FOR THE HARVEST TABLE embraces the feasting season, a touchstone whose traditions still beckon over time, bound to each locale through custom, legend, and lore.

    Now, with our own autumn crops safely in, we also go afield in search of primal foods, reaping Nature’s wild flavors to enrich the laden table.

     Join us in a culinary exploration with family and friends. Bask in the candle light of the dining room. Float on the live guitar notes. Taste the flavors of past, present, and future. Join this ancient magic! Reserve your table today.

A MENU FOR The Harvest Table The Harvest is in. The Hunter Returns. The Table is Set with Warming Winter Fare. A 9-COURSE DINNER AT THE HERBFARM • 14 November - 30 November 2018 A Welcome Warm-Up Yeasted Cracker with Savory Pumpkin Fudge & Matsutake Mushroom WILD CHANTERELLE CIDER Top Potato Smoked Manila Clams, Potato Dumplings, Celery Root Sabayon, Frizzled Potatoes 2017 PANTALOONS SPARKLING NEBBIOLO ROSÉ, NACHES HEIGHTS Your Daily Bread • Herbfarm Sourdough Bread • Herbfarm Salted Pretzel • Herbfarm House-Churned Holstein Cow Butter Prawns Maria Chilled Spot Prawns, Horseradish-Infused Tomato Water, Lovage. 2017 REUSTLE GRÜNER VELTLINER, WILLAMETTE VALLEY, OREGON Our Harvest Corn Sour-Mashed Abenaki Flint-Corn Polenta, Sunchokes, Oregon Black Truffles. 2015 ROCO CELLARS CHARDONNAY, MARSH VINEYARD, OREGON Bird 'n' Beans Pellegrini Beans, Pickled Garlic, Crispy Bird, Devil's Club. 2017 CASASMITH CERVO BARBERA, NORTHRIDGE VINEYARD Three-Way Lamb Loin, Belly, and Tenderloin of Anderson Ranch Lamb, Winter Greens with Garum, Garlic, and Grainy Mustard. 2010 NORTHSTAR PREMIER MERLOT, COLUMBIA VALLEY Harvest of Mountain Foothills Tieton Farm & Creamery "Sonnet" Sheep-Goat Cheese, Black Trumpet Mushrooms, Charred Nuts, Coriander. Pear of Sourdoughs Sourdough Ice Cream, Pear and Oregon Olive Oil Caramel Terrine, Rosemary-Poached Pears, Sourdough Bread Crumble. Quince, Woodruff & Fir Quince Soup, White Chocolate-Sweet Woodruff Semifreddo, Douglas-Fir-Candied Bog Cranberries. 2016 BAINBRIDGE ISLAND LATE-HARVEST SIEGERREBE, BAINBRIDGE ISLAND, PUGET SOUND AVA Native Beverages, Herbals & Teas Choice of Coffees, Teas, Herbal Infusions, And Historic Bark & Root Decoctions of the American West. Still More Galette of Grape and Chocolate-Duchilly-Hazelnuts. White Chocolate Ground Cherry.


The feasting season has been celebrated for centuries.




Where's the Turkey?

On THANKSGIVING DAY we're featuring Narragansett Turkey as the "Main Course." A cross with the American Wild Turkey, Narragansetts were the turkeys of early America from the 17th Century onward. When you dine on Thanksgiving, you'll also take home "leftovers," the makings for several Turkey Tacos with Cranberry-Cabbage Slaw; and Pumpkin-Bay Pie with Coriander Cream — just as if you'd done the work yourself!


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