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A celebration of the foods and wines of the Pacific Northwest. A thematic nine course dinner with six matched wines and a single seating nightly.

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Ron's Weekly Message November 23, 2014

The Harvest Feast: an Unbroken Tradition

The Holiday Season begins this week. Our Menu for The Harvest Table reaches deep into the past to showcase iconic harvest fare with tradition and modern twists.

For Thanksgiving Day only, we're serving real, honest-to-goodness Narragansett Turkey, a staple on American Colonial Farms since the 1700's. They are real turkeys, a 300-year-old cross wit ...READ MORE


Current Theme: Über Tuber
The potato is unmatched. This “Über Tuber” is the most generous food known, producing more food per acre than any grain or legume. With over 400 varieties cultivated for 8000 years in the western Andes, Spanish Explorers brought it to Europe along with other treasure plundered in the New World. It revolutionized the diet of rich and poor, setting the stage for the end of the Middle Ages and the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. In this menu we explore this versatile food, pairing it with seafood and meat and showcasing it in many forms. Join us for a spudtacular evening, our Dinner for the Über Tuber.

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